Something special

Since hungarian is a unique language across the ESG countries, we were thinking of some fun related to linguistics.

There are 2 sets of word below, with both you can play a bit.

The first set contains verbs in the third person plural form, where the verb mimics the sounds of what it describes.

With these ask the participants to try to read them (showing only the word itself), than play the audio, and decide who was the closest.

brummog - humming (bear or low frequency mechanical noise)

cincog - chirping (mouse)

csicsereg - chirping/twitter (birds)

csörög to ring (phone or alarm)

dorombol - to purr (cat)

kukorékol - to crow (cock)

nyávog - to meow (cat)

nyerít - neigh (horse)

röfög - to grunt (pig)

sziszeg - to hiss (snake)

The second set contains words, that things "say". Here you can either do the above 2 exercise, or let the participants guess them without any clue, and than show the results:

Dog: vau vau

Chicken: csip csip

Cat: miaú

Train: sihuhu (steam locomotives, which we do not have any more, but children still learn it as the sound of the train)

hapci - sound of sneezing